2.Aomori Biomass Materials (ABM) Study Association
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・Hachinohe Institute of Technology exchange study meeting


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【 Aomori Biomass Materials (ABM) Study Association 】

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【 purpose 】

Amori Biomass Materials( ABM )Association is a nonprofit organaization and have setted up puposes below,
    @ generalizing Aomori Prfectural biomass materials and 「 the Aomori Biomass Materials Study Association 」
    A making a public expession of informations and data as concerns biomass materials ( printing in Journals, reading paper in academy )
    B levelling up member's faculty by study meeting
    C improveing the function of biomass materials
    D extraction of technical problems awaiting solution
    E feasibility study on techical problems awaiting solution
    F study for problems offered from the member of the association

【 records 】

・***. **. 2014


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