4."Let's rediscover Hot Spa in Misawa City" executive committee
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【 "Let's rediscover Hot Springs in Misawa City" executive committee 】

★ NPO-Take Off Misawa ★( home page )please visit!

I will join the committee promoting the town development with civic collaboration
I hope I can be of some help to the project.

【 about the Committee 】 This project is presided over by the NPO Msawa Take Off.
The actual number of works are managed by the committee consist of NPO Members , Misawa civics and man of learning and experience.
The purpose of the project is more effective use of spas in Misawa City.
We will execute programs bellow, and present a proposal to use them more effective for the city authorities.
 @ questionnaire survey of Misawa citizens
 A case research of advanced cities
 B case study 「 the spa day 」
 C using program as the school-related activities
 D health promotion program by taking the waters at hot spas in Misawa City
 E to hold a forum " Utilization of spas in Misawa city"

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