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【 Misawa city Foreign Culture Education Center Promotion Committee 】

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【 Concept 】 The committee is a voluntary party aming to progress English education and international exchange
Making network of persons doing international exchange in Aomori Pref. should progress English educational activities.
【 Purpose 】 The purposes of the committee are practicing comprehensive foreign culture education taking advantage of internationalising community,
and reviewing the availability of it.
To fulfil purposes above, it should take some activities below
    @ comprehensive research of the foreign culture education
    A carring out foreign culture education
    B others to fulfil purposes above

【 records 】

・Dec. 3. 2011

The second mission 【 Misawa International Workshop 】
   A couple of guests that native place are Misawa City were invited.
Taishin Kohiruimaki ♯ ( Karate & Kick-Boxing Instructor )& ♯ YULI NAKADAIRA ♯ ( Film Composer )

開会挨拶 ワークショップ風景1
ワークショップ風景2 アンソニー先生サマリー


( upper left ) At the start, chairman 「 Mr.Ryohei Kakizaki 」have given
          a addressg and explained the purpose.
( upper right ) Workshop table-1 ( theme = Language & Exchange )

( lower left ) workshop table-1 ( Americans have taken up positive attitude )
          Lecturer Gregory Charles Anthony ( the Hachinohe University )
          has reviewed sammaries of each tables.

・Oct. 22. 2011

The first mission: Misawa City International Exchange Education Center

        異文化第1回試験事業1 異文化第1回試験事業2
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    〔 study 〕 : English conversations & Japanese seminar
        Japanes and Americans have taken charge of the instructor by turns.
    〔 exchange 〕 : Hand making sausage with pork
        The canoe experience has been scheduled at the beginning, but it has changed because of bad climate.

・Sep. 23. 2011