3.Ikuta-ryu So-kyoku(O'koto-music)Seigen-sha(troupe)
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【Ikuta-ryu So-kyoku(O'koto-music)Seigen-sha(troupe)/Oirase Branch】

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【 Oirase Branch 】
( Miyabi-no-kai)
The senior teacher is teaching us in the O-Koto music as usual、
        and making a cotribution to the cultivation of aesthetic sentiments for childen and culture enlightenment.
        Furthermore, she has been making a contribution to the U.S. & Japan culture exchange
        by volunteering in an undertaking the Misawa Japan-day every years, and others.

【 records 】

・Jul. 25 2016

Anniversary ceremony of a company foundation ( in : Misawa )

6 flowers of the Miyabi-no-kai

竣工式直会1 竣工式直会2
竣工式直会3 竣工式直会4

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