I would love to send you a business starting greetings.
 I have started a pantological consulting business to do something out of gratitude in requital of society with your permission. We are intending to be a consulting office with the most low level threshold in the world.


 There are a lots of consulting companies and cosultants. It must be rated highly that the infrastructure of expert out-sourcing function has amplified as lawyer, administrative scrivener and social insurance & labor scrivener.
 Recently, social and economic environment have been changing drasticaly, and demands of consulting have been multifariouse. Simultaneously, many mismatching phenomena have occurred. Some clients contact out-sourcing for many reasons combined, we understand clients commonly desire " at easy", "infallibly", "at a moderate price" and especially "leave nothing to be desired". However, executives or managers usualy hesitate to contact them because of their self-respect I suppose.
 I have been also a small enteprise executive, I would love to contibute your business on the common ground of clients. Please make efficient use of our knowhow for your business solution and progression.


Oct. lucky day 2009

NORD58顧問事務所代表 下谷 栄治